Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Burra Burra Mine and Ducktown Basin Museum - Ducktown, Tennessee

Researching Burra Burra Mines State Historic Site and the Ducktown Basin Museum for my upcoming book, Taproots of Tennessee: Historic Sites and Timeless Recipes with University of Tennessee Press, Bruce and I "slipped behind the wheel" and and traveled the "trail" from Sylva, North Carolina, to Ducktown, Tennessee, in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Historic Sites showcases Tennessee's copper mining industry beginning in 1843 along the banks of Potato Creek. Bruce and I took over 79 photographs of this amazing site. Attached are a few "gems," so to speak, showcased on my FB page. The unique photography of Jeffrey Stoner, included in my book, reveals a more beautifully in-depth perspective. 

Timeless Recipes offers recipes for foods the miner's wives prepared for the annual church picnic (from available agriculture and company supplies) introduced by brilliant German mining captain, Julius Eckardt Raht. The Burra Burra Mine State Historic Site and Ducktown Basin Museum is absolutely a "must-see" along tTennessee!