Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tennessee Society Daughters of the American Revolution (TSDAR) George Washington Birthday Celebration Luncheon

     Middle Tennessee is ever so slowly, with slightly clenched fists, sleepily brushing snowflakes from her eyes as she yawns and stretches and awakens from her long, winter nap. Thus, February 22nd was the picture perfect day to celebrate George Washington's 282nd birthday in a luncheon with Tennessee Society Daughters of the American Revolution (TSDAR) at Hillwood Country Club in West Nashville.

     As a proud Daughter and member of The Fort Nashborough Chapter, at the invitation of our Tennessee State Regent, Susan Thomas, it was a pleasure and privilege to be invited to share my National Society DAR award-winning song, " Be Like Abigail (Ode to Abigail Smith Adams)" with almost 500 hundred Daughters from the Cumberland District.


    While in the mountains of North Carolina over the summer I was able to read several books: George Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow, 1776 by David McCullough (second read), and John Adams by David McCullough. Although I prefer David McCullough's writing style to Ron Chernow's, I found Mr. Chernow's book on Washington informative and well-researched (of course.) I came to admire George Washington's sense of destiny as he set forth working to become the husband, soldier, and man of integrity/leader of our fledgling country.

     In my research, I discovered George Washington's wife, Martha (see my earlier blog entry on Martha Dandridge Custis Washington), was kind and quite gracious to John and Abigail Adams - the first "power couple" to live in The White House (1800's.)

              I believe everyone enjoyed singing along with the chorus of "Be Like Abigail."
Although we do not have a photograph, I led the Daughters in singing The National Anthem, accompanied by my handsome husband and classical guitar virtuoso, Bruce Patterson, who arranged the song (and other partriotic pieces) for classical guitar.
At the risk of being redundant, I simply must show an up-close photograph of my brand-new, custom- made, patriotic guitar strap. I told them I needed it by February 22. Check out www.coolstraps.com
I love my new strap!
                                     Happy Birthday, President George Washington!
                                       We salute you along the Trails of Tennessee!