Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tales From The Trails: Adventures in Washington, D.C. and More

We just returned from Washington, D.C. and Daughters of the American Revolution 122nd Continental Congress where my song, Be Like Abigail, won the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution American Heritage Music Composition Award. It was an honor and privilege to write a song about about one of the most beloved women in Americanhistory --- wife of our second United States president, John Adams, and mother of our sixth president, John Quincy Adams --- the one and only Abigail Smith Adams. Please click on the Be Like Abigail link and give my song a listen. I think you'll like it!
With barely enough time to catch our breath, we repacked and left for North Carolina.  I am sitting in a room at the Jackson County Library in Sylva, N.C. where we have our family summer home.
Below, my husband, Bruce, and me at the J.W. Marriott Hotel in D.C. after receiving my award.